Oil on my table

About one cc North Sea Oil

For years I’ve been writing about energy, and it’s an inescapable fact that we get most of our energy from oil. One of the biggest challenges we are going to face in the near future is Peak Oil; the point in time where half of all oil that was once present on Earth has been produced and also the point in time where production speed (volume of oil per unit of time) simply can’t grow anymore – while demand is still rising.

I’ve heard, read, talked and wrote a lot about this subject – but I had never seen it in real life. I e-mailed Shell last week if they could send me a small sample of oil. Apparently they get this question all the time because yesterday I received in the mail a perspex cube of about 5cm which contains in it centre a small volume of oil. It has about the color and viscosity of soy sauce.

It’s a very intriguing object to have on ones tabel. Shell has made them beautifully, it’s quite heavy and the way the oil swirls around when the cube is moved is mesmerising. It can be played with thoughtlessly – or it can inspire thoughts.

Discussion evening: Energy & Economy

Peakoil Netherlands () organises a discussion evening () on the topic of the relation between energy and economy. I signed on and got my confirmation just now, so I’ll be there. I’m an absolute layman in the area of economics, so I don’t expect to contribute much to the discussion. Especially because I want to learn more about I’ll go anyway, I hope I can learn a lot.

I also hope to meet a few acquaintances  :)

Peak Oil visually explained

Peak Oil is a complex concept which goes much further than ‘we’re running out of oil’. Even the basic principles behind it are not always easy to grasp. This movie explains those basic principles behind Peak Oil: