World Solar Challenge 2011 Éclipse video and Solaris team blog

The Canadian Éclipse team produced a nice ‘mood video’ of their participation in the 2011 World Solar Challenge:

The Indian Solaris team just published the first in a series of stories about their preparations for and participation in the World Solar Challenge. Being more familiar with the workings of the European and American solar teams, it is humbling to read about the problems these guys faced:

We pooled up money and gave it to the chassis welder where we all spent shifts in order to complete the work. We paid him about 60% but 40% was still left. Unlike other rich teams in the college we didn’t have enough money ;What we had was passion and believe that one day God will certainly see us. The talks with the welder broke and he said that if in a week he doesn’t get his money he will scrap it all. We were depressed …and sleepless nights followed. We talked and collected the remaining money a drop from everyone and paid him.

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