Desert of No Time – Solar Team Twente Documentary

Desert of No Time

Students from the Academy Creative Technology department of the  Saxion University of Applied Sciences have produced a documentary about Solar Team Twente‘s participation in the 2011 World Solar Challenge. Although the documentary was not released for general distribution (as far as I know) I managed to get hold of an original copy.

The documentary comes in a nice box with a cover as shown on the right, and it contains two discs. The first disc is a Blu-ray and it contains only the movie. The second disc is a DVD which contains the movie and many extras like the daily video reports the team aired during the race, and some background video. I think it’s smart to provide both discs as relatively few people have a Blu-ray player.

The documentary has a length of a little over 52 minutes and it basically tells two stories, the story of the team’s adventures in Australia and the history and culture of Stuart Highway. By doing it this way it’s very different from the Belgian documentary which is aired in five parts at the moment as that focuses nearly exclusively on the team’s adventures.

It’s well-made, with great landscape shots and they found a few characteristic Australians to tell the story of the ‘Desert of No Time’. I have no idea whether or not the documentary will be made available for sale, but if you manage to obtain a copy, it’s certainly worth a watch.

4 thoughts on “Desert of No Time – Solar Team Twente Documentary

  1. [JH] Removed link to movie download.

    Is the movie in Dutch or English?

  2. @Jamie: The movie is in both Dutch and English. The Dutch team members speak Dutch and the interviewed Australians speak English.

  3. @Olav: That’s a good tip, thanks! Everyone can see it now, although I don’t hope to overload TV Enschede’s video stream servers :)