8 thoughts on “Documentary Belgian Umicore Solar Team part 5

  1. @Jamie: Yeah, the documentary clearly shows it was a shock to the whole team. The subtitles are in Dutch which to me is peculiar as the Belgians speak quite clear Dutch (with a Belgian/Flemish accent of course).

    @Diederik: Yeah, gas masks might be an option. I looked back through chat logs and apparently having a gas mask in the solar car was mandatory until 2003? I guess the “you have to able to get get out in 10 seconds” rule makes carrying a gas mask a but superfluous. On the other hand, the guys yanking the battery from the solar car and carrying it a few metres must have breathed quite a bit of smoke.

  2. Yeah in ’03 or ’05 we had one in the car but it should be mandatory for the safety team that pulls out the battery… I know a lot of teams have them in their rear escort.