World Solar Challenge 2013

Most people will have noticed that the 2013 World Solar Challenge is rapidly approaching – just 15 days away at this time! Judging by the e-mails I’m getting, people have noticed this by the rate I’m updating (or rather, not updating) this website.

Lately I’ve been quite busy starting my other website,, and to fill it with information about the WSC. This will take up even more of my time until a while after the WSC (where I’m going to get that time from, I have no idea at this time :)). People who’ve been following this website for some time know that I’ve reported about the 2009 and 2011 more or less 24/7, and I intend to to the same in two weeks time – but on the separate website.

The drought on this website will continue for some time, but I intend to make up for that during the winter.

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